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Winter is Coming: The Trump Regime & the American Press taking place March 8th

From the U of I English Department’s website:

Winter is Coming: The Trump Regime & the American Press – Jay Rosen (New York U)

03/08/2017 – 5:00PM


A lecture in our ongoing series, Theory in Critical Times

For a free press as a check on power now is the darkest time in American history since World War I. But this is complex development that goes well beyond Donald Trump’s reckless attacks on the news media. It involves failures in journalism, and shifts in the underlying media system, as well as an organized movement to discredit the mainstream press that predates Trump’s political career. It is now clear that the man in power intends to lead this movement, intensify it, and make it part of his governing style. Journalists think the right response to that is simply to do their jobs and report the news, but the atmosphere into which those reports emerge is weighted against them. This talk will explain why “just do the job” is not nearly enough. The press is up against something it doesn’t understand.

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