Smile Politely

Whitey debuts March 5

How’s this for a teaser to the upcoming Station Theatre production of Whitey?

Old basements are always dark and creepy places. The one at Bobby Lee Charles’ rural Kentucky home gets even darker and more disquieting when two tenants move in downstairs.

That’s how the press release begins. Other choice nuggets from the presser, taken out of context to peak your interest:

… bone-chewing, meth-shooting, baby-screaming nightmare …

… some of the things in this play will be very difficult to watch …

… for people who like their comedy dark, it is as black as oil …

Whitey is written by Mark Roberts (who grew up in Urbana and is now the lead writer for the TV sitcom Two and a Half Men), directed by Rick Orr, and starring local vets Mike Trippiedi, David Barkley, and Lindsey Markel. Opens March 5. Check back that week for our review.

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