Smile Politely

Which restaurant serves your favorite house-made spicy sauce?

Condiments and sauces are important. They often act as the literal glue bring all of a dish’s components together and offer the missing flavor or acid that allows the main ingredients to shine. 

Other times, the sauce is so good that the main component of the dish is simply a vehicle for shoveling more sauce into your mouth. I have this problem at Black Dog — while the meat is fantatic, the  barbecue sauces are so good I find myself using way more than socially acceptable. I sometimes order extra jerk sauce from Caribbean Grill and save it to use on other food; it’s too bad they no longer sell it by the bottle. 

I’m currently on the hunt for spicy sauces in and around C-U. I’m not talking about a bottle of Tabasco or Sriracha — I want to know about house-made spicy sauces in C-U’s restaurants. Which sauces are your favorites?

Photo by Jessica Hammie 

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