Smile Politely

Which C-U restaurant serves your favorite mac and cheese?

A divisive issue, no doubt! I’m sure we all prefer our family recipes; I know I do. Mac and cheese is so very personal because there are so many ways to make it. Baked or not? Breadcrumbs or no? Cream cheese or you put cream cheese in it? Despite personal preferences, I still appreciate some versions I’ve had in C-U — Farren’s, Caribbean Grill, Neil St. Blues, and Black Dog come to mind immediately. What about you? Which C-U restaurant makes mac and cheese you really, really like?

Top image: Macaroni and cheese at Farren’s is served in a white, oval serving dish. Orange cheddar cheese is sprinkled on top of creamy cavatappi. The oval dish sits on a white round plate. Photo by Jessica Hammie.

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