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Where do you like to get Italian beef in C-U?

Sometime in the recent past, someone decided that there should be National Italian Beef week. In the year 2021, that is this week. I’m all for any excuse to partake in the eating of one of these delicious sandwiches.

In Illinois we talk a lot about Chicago pizza and Chicago dogs, but let’s not forget the gift of Italian Beef. Here’s a nice little history lesson from Thrillist.

We may be a couple of hours south of the Windy City, but there are plenty of opportunities to get our hands on an Italian beef here. Most recently, we highlighted the version Baldarotta’s has to offer. Papa Del’s has one too. Yes, it’s a chain, but Portillo’s is also pretty solid on these sandwiches. 

Where do you go for an Italian beef fix, and what’s your style — wet, dry, or dipped? Sweet peppers? Hot giardiniera? Do you add cheese?

Top photo by Rachael McMillan.

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