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What the hell is a Winey Mary?

I just happend across this, and while I don’t drink, personally, it scored so high on my “what the hell?” meter that I had to share it.

Apparently the good people over at Sleepy Creek Vineyards host a little something called “Sunday Bloody Sunday” every…y’know…Sunday. And sure, that’s a clever name and all, but the real attraction is this little nugget of information, lifted from their website:

“Every Sunday, enjoy Winey Mary with our Bloody Mary Bar! Crazy, but so good. Our Winey Mary is our Tomato & Jalepeno wine! It’s great naked (straight up), but we also love it mixed with traditional Bloody Mary ingredients.”

They also offer a self-service Bloody Mary bar with mixers, tomato juice, spices, celery, pickles, olives, and whatever the hell else goes on in one of those things. So, if you’re so inclined (or, by the third or fourth one of these, reclined), check out Sleepy Creek and try your luck with a Winey Mary.

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