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Wednesday is for beginners at Urbana Boulders

If you’ve never tried out Urbana Boulders, or bouldering in general, Wednesdays are a great time to give it a shot. 

First timers receive 1/2 off a day pass on Wednesdays, making it $6 ($5 for students). If you try and like it, then Wednesdays are also the night that you can take an Intro to Bouldering class. It’s $20 and includes your day pass and any rental stuff you might need. This class is from 7 to 8 p.m. and according to the class description “you will learn the basics of bouldering safety, including proper spotting and falling technique, topping out, and down-climbing. You will also learn basic climbing technique to help you jump-start your bouldering progress.”

Photo from Urbana Boulders Facebook page

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