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We need another music editor – UPDATED

Hey everybody out there. This town deserves a rich music section from Smile Politely, and I just haven’t been able to put in the time to compliment Ben’s good work lately. (It turns out the 2nd child is the one that destroys you.) So we are looking for a new Music Editor to replace me. Don’t let any sins of the past fool you, music lovers of all creeds and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

It’s still mostly a labor of love at this point, though you will get paid for all the articles you produce and the time commitment is pretty flexible, although it can be substantial at times, if you want it to be. You will also get to go to most shows for free when you cover them.

And when our music section is humming, it is the best source in town for coverage of what’s what, with a potent mix of support and critical analysis. We are currently sitting on a goldmine of local albums that need to be reviewed, bands that should be featured and shows to preview. We also have a lot of good writers who just need to be slightly prodded to get to it all.

The music editor would be expected to:

  • Put together the Overture every other Tuesday.
  • Attend editors meetings (currently Monday nights at 7 at Esquire, but we may be changing that soon, especially if it doesn’t work for you)
  • Coordinate music coverage from our writing staff, and contribute articles themselves
  • Input articles of their own and from their writers into the content management system (we use Expression Engine)
  • Be cool and able to tolerate long email chains about other editors’ personal hygiene

If you are interested, send an email at and we’ll buy you a beer (or coffee) and talk. Thanks everyone who contacted us. At this point I think we’ve got enough great candidates. But if you are interested in writing for the music section, we are always taking on new writers, so feel free to contact us. Actually I think Smile Politely is taking on writers for everything, so feel free to email for more information.

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