Smile Politely

WCIA’s Maggie Hockenberry is the most badass reporter in town

Last weekend, newbie reporter for WCIA Maggie Hockenberry visited the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival on Friday night, long before anyone had actually come out to explore all of the fun and eat all of the corn, and reported back to the news desk a lot of things that were… well, just a bit awkward. 

We saw that, too. And so I posted it, just because it was worth a laugh. Most people agreed, some thought we were taking a cheap shot, but as we stated in our addendum, we felt like she could take it. After all, WCIA is a professional news station, and reporters make flubs, and get back up to report the next day. 

Then, Deadspin reported on it after we tipped them off. From there, Jimmy Kimmel used it in his monologue, and well, for one small moment, Urbana, Ill was both embarrassed and tickled by the attention. 

And here now, this weekend, Hoopeston, Ill. is hosting the original National Sweetcorn Festival and sure enough, as we expected, local badass reporter Maggie Hockenberry was on site, and there to report. 

Three HUGE cheers, Maggie.
We genuinely think you are awesome. And please — take a big bite, and then another, and another. It’s Central Illinois, and UIUC actually developed sweetcorn by making one strain of sweetcorn have sex with another strain of sweetcorn. That’s a fact. 

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