Smile Politely

WCIA’s Maggie Hockenberry is the most awkward reporter in town

Jesus Christ, this is so hard to watch.

First off, what line of people is she talking about behind her? 

And for the love of all things, Maggie, why not just take a bite of corn like a real human being? It’s corn! So delicious and good. Buttery, salty. What’s the problem Maggie? You look like you are dying out there. 

But props to the anchor for busting her out afterwards: “You’re gonna finish that, after we go to the next story?”
UPDATE (10 p.m.): OK — So, apparently this isn’t the first time Maggie has reported on corn. Check this tweet from July 29th. Amazing. (PS)

UPDATE (10:45 p.m.): It’s been made clear to us that this was Ms. Hockenberry’s first live television report. Obviously, we hope she can laugh with us, and take it lightly. (SF)

UPDATE (Saturday, 11:45 a.m.): Now the story has been posted on Deadspin. Big thanks to that crew for sharing.

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