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Watch this pro-Trump “rally” from this past weekend in Champaign

This past Saturday, a “rally” in support of President Trump took place on North Prospect in Champaign, and our Editor Steve Pratten went and caught the action. Rally organizer Mark Thompson discussed his efforts with Pratten, which you can watch below.

In response to this rally, Champaign County Republican Party had this to say:

The Trump Rally was neither supported nor promoted by the CCGOP.   Our focus is finding and electing qualified candidates to local offices who will provide exceptional service to all people of Champaign County no matter their party affiliation, race, religion or sexual orientation.  

It is our hope that by working to make local politics functional for the citizens of the county it will work its way beyond our county lines to help move politics away from the fringes and back to the middle where compromise is possible.

Watch the video:

Photos and video by Steve Pratten

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