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Watch Steve Dolinsky visit Naya, Sam’s Cafe, more for ABC 7 Chicago

ABC 7’s “Hungry Hound” Steve Dolinsky is no stranger to Champaign-Urbana. Dolinsky, with the help of his daughter Madeline, a student at the University of Illinois, paid a visit to a variety of eateries, and this feature debuted yesterday, as Dolinsky returned for seconds (sorry, I had to) to check out C-U’s food and drink scene.

Last time, they visited Courier Cafe, Black Dog, Miga, and plenty of others, and this time around, they visited Naya, Sam’s Cafe, and many more. Dolinsky visited C-U in 2018 for PYGMALION, where he explored local pizza options, as he’s known for his book Pizza City USA.

Watch the feature below:

Photo is a screenshot from the video

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