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Watch Psychic Twin’s new video for “Lose Myself”

Urbana-native Erin Fein’s project Psychic Twin announced her new album and signing to Polyvinyl a little while back, and just today debuted the video for her song “Lose Myself”. Watch it below, and read more about it below that:

From the press release:

Psychic Twin, aka Erin Fein, has unveiled the official video for Strange Diary lead single “Lose Myself.” The song expresses pain and beauty, a feeling of loss woven in and around hope. The video was directed by Adam Weinberg and premiered via Brooklyn Vegan. Fein comments, “In the making of the video for ‘Lose Myself’, I realized that something very personal was emerging. Adam described to me the process of being wrapped in yarn completely, a cocoon, and I would be slowly breaking out of it. Before the shoot, I thought so much about the experience and how I hoped for it to be an act that would signify growth and forgiveness, a turning point. I didn’t tell Adam, but I had a panic attack while underneath the yarn and had to get up and take a break. It was very intense, it was harder than I thought it would be, to be wrapped up completely without being able to see or breath easily. It ended up being a valuable experience that pushed me and I felt very connected to my emotions during the shoot.”
The making of Strange Diary spans four years and two states. Fein began writing and composing solo material in Champaign-Urbana amid the dissolution of her marriage. Following the divorce, she relocated to Brooklyn and continued to write and record – despite lineup changes and the lonely disorientation that comes from shedding an old life and starting over. The album contains songs written before, during, and after the divorce, from both Illinois and New York. The subject of each song is an unnamed “you,” who she alternately pleads with and flees from. “These songs are 100% a diary of my life over the last four years,” says Fein.
Psychic Twin’s evolution includes drummer Rosana Caban and Fein’s absorption of several sources of inspiration. While rooted in the avant pop of The Cocteau Twins, Siousxie, and Annie Lennox, contemporary production flourishes lend each song the clarity and buoyancy of modern pop. The music balances languid, dark melodies and atmosphere with propulsive rhythms and soaring vocal lines. It’s a beautiful and catchy reflection of heartache.
Strange Diary is out September 9th on Polyvinyl and Psychic Twin will play a hometown record release show at National Sawdust in Brooklyn on September 24th presented by Tom Tom Magazine. Tickets are available to purchase here.

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