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Watch Mermaid Heaven’s beautiful video for new single “Nightbloom”

Mermaid Heaven has released another new song, “Nightbloom”, by way of their gorgeous new video embedded below. You can listen/download the song on Bandcamp as well. The band released another great song, “The Thorn”, towards the end of last year.

On their Instagram post about the track, they talk a bit more about the song:

sometimes people come into your life for a singular function. nightbloom is ‘that song’ for me – written in the kind of low that takes a baseball bat to the back of your knees. suddenly they were there with me, spinning in the darkness, holding my hand and pulling me from the water. I landed, a wreck, onto the fake beaches of their tiny planet orbiting the void. when someone has such a profound impact, the pain of them departing is overshadowed by gratitude. that is this song

Also, it is Bandcamp Friday, so all monies spent on that platform go directly to the artists today. 

Top image from the video.

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