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Watch C-U ex-pat Jon Childers in Shovels & Rope’s trailer for their upcoming concert film

Jon Childers has several ties to Champaign-Urbana. A former student at the University of Illinois, and a contributor to Smile Politely at one point in time, Childers played in The Leadership while he spent time in the area, so you might remember his name from those times. He moved to Nashville a while back, where Blank Range became a thing, and toured for a long time with them, and still plays music in that outfit.

That’s a bit of backstory as I get to the thing I’m SPlogging about, which is the upcoming live concert film for Shovels & Rope, another band that’s visited C-U, performing at ELLNORA a few years ago. You can watch the trailer below, which features Childers as the narrator, but also as the taxi driver one of the characters calls up.

Watch the video below, where you’ll find Childers’ appearance around the 2:15 mark (though his character is in the darkness for the most part):

Photo is a screensshot from the video

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