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Watch James Hathaway (of Truck Parts) perform “Fangorn Forest” in new video

James Hathaway, frontman of Truck Parts, and member of Hathaways, is debuting this video for his track “Fangorn Forest” by way of JAPRO’s Bedroom Broadcast series. Hathaway describes the meaning behind the song, which he describes as “an homage to Middle Earth and Tolkien-lore.”

Hathaway filmed, recorded, and engineered the video and song in conjunction with guitar luthier James Meggas and Mothertone Drums founder Michael Turner. Hathway described his experience to me: “They had built these incredible instruments which I had been following closely in the early stages of development. When the designs were finished, I wanted to be one of the first people to show them off to the world.”

You might be curious what Hathaways are up to these days. During the pandemic, the Hathaway siblings were split between the U.S. and Australia, though they have been working on material from a distance, and look forward to playing shows again when the time comes.

Watch the video below, and learn more about the song from the YouTube description:

Top image from the YouTube video.

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