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Visit Jet’s Pizza tomorrow and help fund Kenwood Elementary’s new playground

If you asked a random group of elementary students what their favorite part of school is you might get a mixed bag of answers that revolve around lunch and recess. No doubt, both of those things are important and wonderful things for youngsters.

I think back to my time as an elementary school student and the idea of running around outside with limited supervision on the playground still makes me pretty happy. Sliding down slides head first despite the teachers’ wishes and jumping off of swings to see how high and far I’d be able to land is something I wish I could still do as an adult. I was fortunate to have relatively new playground equipment when I was that age so that my safety wasn’t ever in question.

Kenwood Elementary School was recently refurbished and they’re looking for some help to fund a new playground for students in Fall 2015. Luckily for KES, Jet’s Pizza is ready to step in and help them reach that goal.

Tomorrow, the new Jet’s location at the corner of Springfield Ave. and Mattis Ave. is hosting an open house where 15% of each regular priced menu item goes to the Kenwood Elementary PTA to help fund their playground. It’s a family affair with free samples of menu items and Jet Man will be making an appearance for the kids.

It’s a celebration of the community and proceeds are going to a good cause. If you bring the flyer below Jet’s can track sales and make sure that this playground gets funded.

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