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Urbana’s Market at the Square and The Land Connection hosting class at Common Ground

Sometimes heading to a farmer’s market can be overwhelming. When you show up, there’s a ton of different types of fruits, veggies, and other products available for purchase and sometimes vendors are selling similar items.

Nowadays we have the expectation to be able to get reviews and opinions on just about anything we spend our money on. We check Yelp and Google reviews when we head to restaurants, we check out the star ratings on Amazon, and of course we ask friends and family their opinions.

Starting next week, Common Ground Food Co-Op is teaming up with Urbana’s Market at the Square and The Land Connection to host “Farm Fresh”. It’s a class designed to help you figure out what to buy and what to do with what you bought from the market. It’s a great way to highlight the different vendors and items that you might not otherwise pick up.

The next class is on June 25 and you can sign up here.

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