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Urbana purchases “Fanfare” for Permanent Collection of Public Art

“Fanfare”, by Shawn Morin, has been selected for purchase for the permanent collection of public art of the City of Urbana. “Fanfare” has been installed in downtown Urbana since 2010 at the corner of Race and Elm Streets as part of a rotating public sculpture program administered by Urbana’s Public Art Program. Artist Shawn Morin currently lives in Bowling Green, Ohio and is the Head of the Sculpture Program at Bowling Green State University.

This project is part of the Urbana Public Arts Program, whose aim is to create a city where all residents can engage with the arts in its many forms, and where art is an integral part of the civic environment. For additional information, contact the Urbana Public Arts Coordinator, Lisa Hatchadoorian at (217) 328-8265, or by email at

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