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Urbana Public Arts Program & the Public Art League announce the installation of Astera

The City of Urbana Public Arts Program and the Public Art League is proud to announce the installation of Asteray, a sculpture by Nicole Beck. The City of Urbana and the Public Art League worked together to complete the installation near the corner of Green and Cedar streets in downtown Urbana. Asteray represents the 42nd sculpture Public Art League has brought to the community, and its installation is possible thanks to the generous support of Barak Rosenshine. The sculpture will reside at this location until August 2016.

In 2009, the City of Urbana launched the Urbana Sculpture Project with four sculptures that were considered for installation in four locations in Urbana. The program is now in its third cycle of sculpture that reside in the community for two years.  The Urbana Sculpture Project is part of the Urbana Public Arts Program, whose aim is to create a city where all residents can engage with the arts in its many forms, and where art is an integral part of the civic environment. 

For additional information, contact the Urbana Public Arts Coordinator, Lisa Hatchadoorian at 217/328-826, or by email at  For more information on the City of Urbana’s Public Arts Program, please go here, and join us on Facebook at Twitter.

For more information about this installation, please contact David Wilcoxen at 217.898.8263. For more information about joining Public Art League, please visit

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