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Urbana is the most bike friendly town in Illinois

Each year, the League of American Bicyclists ranks cities for their bike-friendliness depending on their infrastructure, bike education and other relevant factors. Today they released this year’s rankings, revealing that Urbana has the highest ranking in Illinois with a “Gold” rank.

From Neutral Cycle‘s blog:

“Urbana has moved up from a Bronze award in 2010 to a Gold award this year, making it the highest-rated city in Illinois!  To get a feeling for how significant it is to be given a Gold rating, take a look at some of the other cities we share this rating with: San Francisco, Euguene, Seattle, Madison, etc.  And so no one in CU feels left out, I should mention that Champaign was given a Bronze rating, certainly nothing to scoff at.”

Here’s the scale on which cities are ranked:


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