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Urbana Hootenanny celebrating five year anniversary Monday night

One of the gems of Urbana is the Rose Bowl, and with that, the Urbana Hootenanny being a staple event on Monday nights. Tomorrow, March 20th, they’ll ring in five years of jammin’.

Grab yourself a Lone Star and watch some bands — The Fights, Rebecca Rego & Eric Fitts, and Dewclaw will all perform, then the stage opens up, as it usually would.

Check out the Facebook event here, and the event description below:

Hey Friends, well its been five years of fun for the Urbana Hootenanny! Now it’s time to celebrate with some local featured performances, spontaneous collaborations, open stage, free popcorn, imported beer all the way from Texas and good friends. Things get started at 8PM with your hosts, Sam and Dusty warming up the stage. Then the Fights will play a few tunes around 8:40. The stage will then be open to anyone until 9:45. At 9:45 Rebecca Rego & Eric Fitts will take the stage until around 10:20, then the stage will open back up. At 11:00 Dewclaw will take the stage until 11:30ish. Hopefully the house will be full of musicians at the end of the night for a big Hootenanny send off. Thank you all for the support over the past 5 years!!

Photo from the Facebook event.

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