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Urbana Free Library to circulate guitars & amps

The “Library of Things” is a concept that has been around for a few years, and is gaining and losing ground all over the country. The idea is that as a community resource, libraries could be not only teaching citizens how to do things, but providing them with the means. There are libraries in the country that circulate power tools, sewing machines, or camping gear. Supporters and detractors are both vocal, and from inside the library biz it’s uncertain whether the practice will have any staying power. 

Urbana Free Library, however, has decided to try it out with a circulating “Music Equipment Collection.” That means you can check it out with your library card and take it home just like a book or movie. Loans are two weeks at a time, with up to five renewals if no one else has requested it. 

At this time, an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and two amps are available. The most detailed information is available on the collection’s webpage

Regardless of the arguments for or against this type of library loan, I’m sure this town will provide plenty of willing participants for this musical collection. And as long as I don’t have to catalog it, I’m happy. 

I wish it went without saying, but hey, don’t put these in the bookdrop, ok? 

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