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Urbana Business Association hosting Blend of Urbana

Making connections in the business world isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Obviously, during business hours everyone is usually jam-packed with work, coffee, and more work. The thought of even carrying on a conversation with someone outside of work, about work, isn’t at the mind’s forefront.

Oftentimes, after work we want to just get home to become vegetables on the couch and so post-work mixers with other business folks becomes more of a chore than a fun opportunity to talk shop.

Luckily, the Urbana Business Association understands this and is hosting a breakfast event called Blend of Urbana to foster networking within the local business community. Professionals can join the UBA tomorrow morning from 7:30-9 a.m. at the Eastland Suites for complimentary coffee and breakfast to ignite their day with conversations with other like-minded folks before heading to work.

It’s the perfect way to shove your mid-week doldrums back down the other side of the hump and spark some creative conversations with other local professionals. Building a strong and cohesive business community is important to this area, and the UBA should be commended for hosting these monthly get togethers for just that reason.

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