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Unit 4 school board member John Bambenek considers Mayoral run

In an email message to Smile Politely, current Unit 4 school board member, and former State Senate candidate John Bambenek told us about his interest in the Champaign Mayoral election in April 2015. 

Mr. Bambenek picked up his Mayoral packet from the city building today

“It is something I am considering and speaking to others about. There is certainly dissatisfaction with aspects of the city and I look forward to contributing to that discussion.”

Whether or not he will proceed with acquiring the needed signatures (85 total — which honestly, your average Boy Scout could get) and submitting his name for the election remains to be seen, but adding a fifth candidate to the fold would liven things up a little. 

For starters, it would create a run-off situation, where the candidates would face off in a primary on February 24, 2015 before the top four vote recipients would move on to the general election on April 7, 2015. 

Beyond that, despite the fact that the Champaign council and Mayoral elections are “non-partisan,” it’s well known that of the four candidates that have stated their intention to run, three of them are considered “conservatives” while one of them is considered “liberal.” Whatever those words mean any more. 

But I digress. 

Needless to say, this would create an interesting scenario for the local “right-leaning” voter population.

More to come as it comes in. Or maybe not. We’re not the best at covering politics, frankly. Tom Kacich is really good though. So is Eric Bussell at Halfway Interesting, when he’s not on his damned high horse

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