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U of I’s Dial-a-Carol kicks off December 9th

The University of Illinois’ beloved Dial-a-Carol kicks off December 9th and continues through December 15th. During that time, U of I and community folk will sing holiday carols for 24 hours a day. You can volunteer your time and vocal abilities, or if you want to take advantage of these amazing volunteers, you can call (217) 332-1882 to hear some carols. 

Here’s some more about this program that has been running for more than 60 years:

Dial-A-Carol is a student-run holiday program at the University of Illinois. Each year the students of Snyder Hall, a University Housing residence hall, host the holiday program Dial-A-Carol. Dial-A-Carol was started in December 1960 by Betty Gordon, an area office secretary, and the residents of Snyder Hall who wanted to spread some holiday cheer around campus.

The idea behind the program is quite simple. Anyone from anywhere can call us and request a holiday tune to be sung over the telephone. Our program runs 24 hours a day for seven days and is held each year during finals week of the first semester.

Top image from the Dial-a-Carol Facebook page.

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