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U of I students vote to make kingfisher the new mascot; Administration says no

Last week, the University of Illinois students voted in a non-binding poll to make the belted kingfisher the new mascot. The belted kingfisher is naturally blue and orange, native to Illinois, a predatory bird (to ease your fears that this bird is a wimp), and not used by any other sports team in the nation (you’ll still feel special, but without all the racism).

It’s a brilliant idea, and a beautiful one, too.

Just look at these images:

Graphic of the University of Illinois Image from the Kingfisher at UIUC Facbeook page.

A graphic image of the belted kingfisher in a nose dive. The background is dark blue, with text in orange. The text reads Image from the Kingfisher at UIUC Facbeook page.

What is the hold up?

Ah, right, donors. That is, white donors who are upset that their heritage is being “stolen” from them. Got it.

We have nothing left to say about this matter. It’s all been said, on this platform, time and time again, but if you need a refresher, please check out this article in New York Magazine by our friend Will Leitch.

We hope U of I students keep fighting for selecting a new mascot and pushing for justice and equity.

Top image from The Kingfisher at UIUC Facebook page.

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