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U of I is freezing tuitions rates for undergrads in 2021-2022

The Board of Trustees announced last week they would be freezing tuition rates for incoming in-state freshmen and non-resident undergraduates for the 2021-22 academic year. From the press release

The U of I System has now frozen tuition rates for in-state undergraduate students in six of the past seven years, part of an ongoing commitment to containing costs for students and their families, system President Tim Killeen said. Tuition rates for in-state undergraduate students were frozen from 2015-19. During the 2020-21 academic year, system leadership decided because of the pandemic to cover the costs of a 1.8 percent inflation-based increase.

“This decision by the trustees again makes clear our commitment to affordability and our belief in the game-changing power of a world-class education,” Killeen said. “Access to the opportunities available at our universities is a critical component of the effort to drive the recovery from the pandemic and make sure students and their families are able to be full participants.”

The board also approved small increases in room and board fees.

Top photo by Anna Longworth.

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