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U of I announces plans for south end zone renovation at Memorial Stadium

Good news, Illini football fans. Just today, the University of Illinois has announced a new renovation to the south end zone (colloquially known as “the horseshoe”), to be finished by 2019 and new renovations to the east stands, completed by 2020.

For lifelong fans like myself, this will certainly make the U of I more interesting to recruits, especially the recruits that Lovie Smith has a chance of landing, so I suppose it can’t be all bad. Also included will be new locker rooms and trainer facilities. The new spruce-ups will cost in total around $120 – $132 million. For those interested, the U of I has released an extremely helpful FAQ on their website for any more questions you may have.

In the meantime, enjoy their hype video they released this morning – it’s pretty cool:

Rendering by the University of Illinois

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