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Two members of Elsinore leave the band

Unexpected news from Elsinore via their website a few days ago:

The Future of Elsinore

It’s with unbelievably conflicted emotions that we announce the departure of Dave Pride (drums, vocals, songs) and Chris Eitel (bass, vocals, songs) from Elsinore.

These gentlemen have poured their blood, sweat and tears into our world for over 8 years and while a blog post will never truly express how honored we’ve been to work with them, we think it prudent to share some of our awesome memories together.

It’s not often a band lets everyone see behind the curtain. Hours of rehearsals spent discussing lyrics and arrangements just to scrap an entire song idea. Days on the road spent in the van and getting changed in the bathroom of a club. Working night and day to save enough money to pay bills while out on tour. These are the reasons most bands last less than 2 years: it’s a constant struggle.

BUT! when the stars align and 4 people with similar passions, aesthetics and expectations find each other it can be truly beautiful. It’s the packed crowds, huge stages, lines at the merch table that we remember. Elsinore would not have made it out of the basement if Chris and Dave hadn’t sacrificed everything for this band and we can’t thank them enough.

We don’t know exactly what the future of Elsinore looks like yet, but we do know that the spirit of the band Chris and Dave helped create will live on and thank them deeply for dedicating their lives to music.

Below are some photos we’ve collected over the years to document the transformation of Elsinore from a young gaggle of folksy songwriters to a rock n roll band that plays with our hearts on our sleeves. Have any stories you’d like to share?

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