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Triptych and Broadway Food Hall are teaming up for Taste of Broadway

Broadway Food Hall has done a few of these “Taste of Broadway” events to give people an opportunity to try all they have to offer, but this time they’ve brought in Triptych to take things up a notch. Now when you taste a little something from each of the vendors, you’ll have the opportunity to taste a Triptych beer as well. Here are the offerings:

La Royale – Grilled Cheese & Chilli w/No Big Deal (Old Style Lager)
83 Vietnamese Cuisine – Pork Belly Banh Meme w/Dank Meme (East Coast Pale)
Nation – Phil’s Cheesesteak w/Dirty Hippy (Brown Ale)
Muchacho – Barbacoa & Mexican Rice w/Because Stout (Coffee Stout)
King Kuma – Shrimp Poke w/Pilsner Project (Germal Pils)

It’s $15 if you just want food, and $23 with beer pairings, and there are a limited number of Triptych sample glasses available when you purchase your ticket. The event is on April 12, from 5 to 8 p.m.

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