Smile Politely

Treat yourself to a doughnut tasting this weekend

Here’s something to do on a rainy weekend:

  • Gather some friends or family — this is perfect for the kiddos.
  • Assign the adults a local C-U doughnut-monger.  
  • Acquire two doughnuts each. 
  • Taste test the doughnuts. 

If you’re really into it, you can make a little rating sheet with different criteria: texture, flavor, sweetness, etc., etc. Or, if you’re with a group of adults, consider pairing your doughnuts with beer or wine or cocktails. If you’re feeling really weird, you could try pairing with different milks. 

We have plenty of places to find doughnuts here in C-U, in no particular order: Carmella’s, Pandamonium, Industrial Donut, Ye Olde Donut. You can also throw in some doughnuts from Harvest Market, Schnucks, and Dunkin Donuts for the sake of research.   


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