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UPDATED: Today’s Twitter battle: Mayor Don Gerard vs. Dan Dakich

Just in case you were looking for some Saturday evening entertainment, we’ll fill you in on an argument between two grown men on social media today. This one happened in the Twitterverse earlier today towards the end of the Illinois-Michigan State basketball game: Champaigns Mayor Don Gerard vs. ESPN play-by-play announcer Dan Dakich. It all came after this play, which handed Illinois’ Jaylon Tate a technical foul at a critical time of the game. It’s been finding it’s way around the ‘net, even popping up on SB Nation. Check it out below, and enjoy:

Dakich fired back with a couple of tweets after the fact as well:

UPDATE: 6 p.m.: I think it’s worth noting here that Gerard has been helping raise money for One Winter Night. Props, Mayor Gerard.

I have to agree with Gerard here — a foul call seemed excessive.

UPDATE: February 8th at 12 p.m.: 

Earlier this morning, Deadspin got a hold of the story and posted it:

Not only that, but Jay Mohr has asked Gerard to come on his show this week, and Gerard happy accepted.

Tom Ley of Deadspin is right: Twitter is weird.

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