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Today declared Gay-Straight Alliance Day in Champaign by Mayor Feinen

Champaign Mayor Deb Frank Feinen and Councilman Matthew Gladney visited Centennial High School today to honor educators Ondine Gross and Stacey Gross for their work with Centennial’s Gay-Straight Alliance.

The event was a part of the last faculty meeting of the year, with Feinen and Gladney speaking towards the tail end. Gladney spoke about his experience at Centennial and was proud to see the faculty backing such an important program.

Feinen then took center stage with both teachers and presented them with a proclamation that June 3, 2015 would be Gay-Straight Alliance Day in Champaign.

The coolest part of the event, however, was the standing ovation from the entire staff at Centennial. It was a good couple of minutes of teachers acknowledging the importance of such a group in a high school setting.

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