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“Those Who Teach, Can” is coming up next week

Each year, art teachers from Unit 4 put their talents on display for the community to see. This year’s show, hosted by 40 North, is happening at 40 Point One | art space at 1300 S. Neil St. (the Consolidated Communications building), and the opening reception is next Thursday, April 18th, from 5 to 8 p.m.

From the event page:

A group of accomplished art teachers set out to dispel a common myth about the abilities of teachers with their show. The artwork, from Champaign Unit 4 School District Art Teachers, represents the diverse talents of its faculty, working in a range of media. These artists/teachers prove that they CAN with their creative, inspirational and thoughtful works of art.

Whether you have a kid in Unit 4 schools or not, this is a unique opportunity to see the expertise and creativity that local art teachers bring to local students year after year. Here is the full list of artists:

Lucy Christianson
Carol-Lynn Compretto
Josh Doniek
Melissa Farley
Scott Fernsberg
Stacey Gross
Rachel Kinney
Amy Johnson
Amy Lozar
John Odum
Emily Pawlicki
Shannon Percoco
Priscilla Putnam
Ravyn Rodgers
Grant Thomas
Enrika Stulpinaite-Maldonado

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