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This is a great meme about parking on Green Street in Campustown

If you’ve found yourself driving down Green Street in Campustown at any point in the say, I dunno, last decade, you’ve probably been exposed to the center lane parking situation that’s been the norm for the most part. Who am I kidding, this has been happening for way longer than ten years, but that’s beside the point.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are doing this, parking in the middle lane, though there is definitely enough metered parking in Campustown. Even then, people throw their flashers on in the middle lane, hop out and do their thing, and hop back in, and cruise off. It is what it is, and most of us just move on with our lives because it isn’t our problem to deal with.

It must be getting bad lately, because the City of Champaign issued this tweet earlier this week reminding people that parking in the center lane is not cool. It is illegal, in fact! But that doesn’t stop most of us, living our lives, we’ve all done things like this when we’re in a hurry, and I’m certainly guilty from time to time, no doubt.

The concept has been granted the meme treatment now, with someone posting this meme into the UIUC Memes for Spitposting Teens Facebook group:

It is definitely annoying at times that people park in the middle lane, but this is really funny, and honestly, not a bad looking parking garage. Wonder when construction will begin? Does it have MobileMeter as well? At least it isn’t fugly and grey.

Top image by Nick Perozzi.

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