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This cheesecake parfait from Cafe Kopi is a fun to-go treat

Cafe Kopi has expanded their grab-and-go options to include a couple of versions of parfaits: yogurt and granola and cheesecake. I grabbed a cheesecake version the other day for an afternoon snack. It’s a very manageable size, which is important because cheesecake is so rich. This was a plain version, but there are also options with fruit filling. It was a tasty treat, and things are kind of terrible so why shouldn’t you treat yourself at every opportunity?

You can order online and either pick up just inside the shop or call for curbside. You can also walk in and order at the counter or get what you need out of the to-go case. No inside seating, but there are several tables lining the sidewalk where you can sit and enjoy. 

Photo by Julie McClure.

Staff writer

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