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These are great shirts by Flying Machine you can buy to support Planned Parenthood

Tomorrow night (Friday, March 3rd) at the Accord in Downtown Champaign, there’s a Planned Parenthood Benefit concert featuring a lot of local performers to help raise money for PP. Flying Machine Coffee created a pretty awesome shirt that will be for sale, printed by the fine folks at Weiskamp, and designed by Ellen Page (Armstrong). Check it out:

In case you can’t see all the text, here it is:

flyingmachinecoffee: Being a cafe in Urbana, I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone what our sociopolitical views are. I do my best to talk with the staff every year so we can agree on a few organizations that can benefit from the little extra cash we have to give. Until now we have not announced when we will give, or who we will give to. It’s hard these days because every time we turn around it seems another organization is in dire need. One day at a time I suppose. This year we thought of something too good to pass up. In conjunction with the Planned Parenthood fundraiser Friday night at the accord in downtown champaign this tshirt will be available to purchase, proceeds going toward the nights totals. We are really excited and proud to show our support to women and the countless others that PP helps daily. And given recent events at cafe&co, the staff and I feel this show of support couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.

flyingmachinecoffee: Oh ya thanks @weiskampscreenprinting for the shirts and huge thanks to my dear old Chicago friend @killhatsumomo for the image!

Raising money for a good cause, with a hilarious plane dropping condoms and other goodies to humans below. Good stuff, all.

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