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There’s another Household Hazardous Waste Event happening on April 4th

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency will be hosting another of these collections in Champaign on April 4th at Marketplace Mall. The event is open to all Illinois residents, but you must register for ahead of time. Registration opens Monday, February 3rd.

This collection is for all sorts of materials that shouldn’t go out in the trash, from household batteries to paint thinner to pool chemicals. You can find the full list of items here. The event last fall was overwhelmingly popular, and many did not get to drop off their materials. Hopefully this will be an opportunity for those folks. 

Top image: A poster with the text: “IEPA-Sponsored Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event in Champaign County” in red letters, on a white background. Below is a photo of waste receptacles and the tops of cleaning product bottles. Image from Keep Champaign Beautiful Facebook page. 

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