Smile Politely

There’s a familiar lady coming back to Campustown

Listen. I am NOT condoning the idea of eating fast food. It’s terrible for you. Honestly, it’s just not a good idea. And on the whole, it’s damned disgusting to boot.

But I’d be a liar if I didn’t state, for the record, that I actually dig on Wendy’s a bit at times. Some of my fondest memories were post-church trips to the SuperBar (anyone remember that thing?) and eating french fries by dipping it into my Frosty.

Back in the day, when Campustown looked unique and disgusting, equipped with five record stores, an arcade, multiple venues, decent local restaurants, and plenty of bars with nickel beers — Wendy’s sat on the corner of 6th and Green. It was a classic Campustown mainstay in the 80s and 90s.

Today, I am glad to see that it’s back on 6th and Green, if only just south a bit, and across the street.

Campustown might never be the same, but at least a man can have a Frosty again while shopping at Urban or smoking a pipe at Jon’s.

Now, bring back the SuperBar. And watch this commercial:

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