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The worst cell service location in C-U

I went to the mall today with my girlfriend to do some shopping. If you ask an old townie about the difference between “the mall” and “the shopping center” they may tell you that there is about four and a half mile gap in between the two. But that’s another story.

We went to Bergner’s first for the half price K-Cups — the Mountain Black flavored ones. We bought 100 of them, which should last us about three or four months. Next, we made a stop in the men’s department and talked to David, who has been dressing men of Champaign-Urbana for 18 years at Bergner’s. More on him in another article. Then, we headed to the main strip. 

As we passed by the Best Buy mobile station, the Auntie Anne’s pretzel shop, and the cheap sunglasses hall-way-hut, I thought I would send out a post about my awesome afternoon at the mall. However, to my surprise, my phone showed the dreaded “1x” symbol next to the signal.

I said to myself, “This can’t be? Is this 2015? IS THIS AMERICA?”

My girlfriend interrupted my thoughts with her strategic plan to hit the Gap, Banana Republic, and then The Loft. We trucked on. 

My phone signal went from 1x to 3G, and even teased me with a 4G symbol. I figured I would come upon a WiFi signal somewhere. Perhaps an Xfinity or Pavlov connection somewhere — but no dice. I never could gain enough signal to get a message out, a Facebook check-in, or even a refresh on my email. I was stuck without signal. Instead, I had to actually look at people, say “hello”, and talk to my girlfriend. What a horrible way to spend your afternoon. 

Have a nice weekend. 

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