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The Upper Bout opening January 18th

Next weekend, a new space called The Upper Bout is set to open. January 18th, Ricky Bright and his crew will officially open their doors for C-U musicians (and beyond) for their instrument and musicial accessory needs. Check out the press release below to read all about it, and better yet, go visit their storefront when they open up.

From the press release:

The Upper Bout sells fine guitars, basses, and accessories. In addition to offering new and used fretted instruments, we also offer lessons, repair services, as well as a performance space.

At The Upper Bout we believe that a guitar is more than just a product. The right musical instrument can be a tool providing an immeasurable amount of joy to one’s life. We strive to offer an elegant and inviting space for both professionals and hobbyists to spend time with a variety of instruments.

Our mission is to facilitate an experience during which the customer will naturally gravitate towards an instrument that will bring him or her delight for years to come.

The Grand Opening will take place on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 11 a.m. at 723 S. Neil Street, Suite B in Champaign. Join us and enter to win a brand new, free Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker guitar!

For more information about The Upper Bout please contact Ricky Bright at [217.607.8132] or []. 

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