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The results of the consolidated elections are final

Today was the last day that mail in ballots could be counted, before the Champaign County Clerk sends the results to the state for certification. Here are some of the outcomes; you can find all of the results here.

Champaign City Council

District 1- Davion Williams defeated Azark Cobb and incumbent Clarissa Fourman

District 3- Danny Iniguez defeated Matthew Sullard and write-in candidate Justin Hendrix

District 4- Michael Follmer defeated incumbent Greg Stock

Champaign Township Supervisor

Andy Quarnstrom defeated Karen Foster

Urbana City Council

Ward 2- Christopher Evans defeated Colin Dodson

Ward 4- Jaya Kolisetty defeated Mike Kobel

Ward 6- Grace Wilken defeated William Colbrook 

Urbana Park Commissioner

Meredith Blumthal and Cedric Stratton defeated Linda Turnbull and Cindi Atkins

Urbana School Board

Sub-District 3- Lara Orr defeated Connie Dillard-Myers

Sub-District 7- John Dimit defeated Sandra Ahten

Parkland College Trustee

Maureen Banks and Jarrett Clem defeated Bradley Uken and James Voyles

Champaign County Recorder

Champaign County voted to eliminate the position of recorder.

Top photo by Jessica Hammie.

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