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The Reality of a Dream Exhibit

Indi Go Artist Co-op

Opening Reception: Thursday, Feb 3, 6:008:00 p.m.
Open hours everyday: Friday, Feb 4–8, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

Caitlin Younce is a senior, majoring in Art History in the Liberal Arts and Sciences department at the University of Illinois. Her passion for photography developed at a young age, and over the years has come to include the design of the avant garde costumes, hair, and makeup that could perfectly express her visions. She has taken one course in photography while at the university; however, the majority of the conceptualization and production of her visions occur outside of the classroom during her free time.

The inspiration behind her photographs comes from her desire to see her dreams and musings come to life. She has a passion for seeing detail and fantasy merged together to create a cohesive composition that provokes the viewer into a world based in reality but realized in a dream. To realize many of her inspirations, she constructs costumes and sets to specifically fit her vision. All of the elements within her photos are carefully crafted and chosen such that every detail works to create an atmosphere that awakens the imagination of the viewer.

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