Smile Politely

The people who run Champaign Public Library are really sort of the best, y’all

In case you hadn’t heard, massively popular and hugely important author Terry McMillan will be reading at the Champaign Public Library on Thursday evening. It’s a hot ticket, and free to the public, if you were lucky enough to grab one in advance. 

Regardless, to promote the reading, and to promote reading in general, seems like they’ve taken to simply dropping off copies of her newest tome I Almost Forgot About You at random places in Champaign. 

Just my luck, I had a meeting at Pekara Bistro today and there on table sat a couple of copies, with some pretty simple instructions. So I grabbed one. 

Came home and opened it up, and sure enough, there was more: 

Alas, there was no golden ticket in my copy. But I am still going to read it, nevertheless. At least, I am going to say that out loud, and maybe it will happen. 

Awesome work, CPL. 

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