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The News-Gazette ceasing publication of mugshots through online portal

This morning, The News-Gazette stated they will cease the publication of mugshots on their website.

We’ve written about this many times over the years; though we are seeking a bit more clarity about their intentions moving forward, so we’ve reached out to both Jim Rossow and Jeff D’Alessio for further comment. We will update the SPlog if/when we receive response.

Here’s the article they published this morning:

Beginning today, will no longer include a gallery of booking mug shots from the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office.

Our decision comes after months of conversations with readers, community leaders and those in our own newsroom.

In our opinion, grouped mug shots of those arrested without narrative often lack context and can lead to negative stereotypes and discrimination. While our coverage of crime remains an essential public-safety role, this aspect is one we can, and should, do without in its current form.

Last month, we introduced a series of editorial changes meant to better reflect the diversity of the community we serve. Those will continue moving forward.

What’s next? You tell us.

Jim Rossow, Vice President of News

Jeff D’Alessio, Editor

Top image by Patrick Singer.

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