Smile Politely

The new Illini Republicans logo is…unsurprising

I don’t know what I expected here, but the University of Illinois Republicans have just unleashed a new (and confusing) logo, which mixes the Republican Party’s elephant mascot with a headdress. Yeah, it’s that headdress. 

The caption on Facebook is “Raised Right,” which is a reference to the GOP’s political leanings, but also is dripping with unearned superiority. I don’t know how standing in support of a (likely) caucasian Eagle Scout who does an inaccurate dance at sporting events for thousands of people who have little to no understanding of Native American Culture makes the Illini Republicans better than those who don’t support it – but I guess it does? Who knows anymore.

This logo change comes on the heels of anti-immigrant propaganda found on the U of I quad last night, which mimicks the rhetoric displayed by our new Republican President. We live in trange times, everyone. Strange times. Photos below, taken by Jocelyne Robledo.

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