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The new Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space is pretty amazing

Have you had an opportunity to check out their new space/new games yet? It’s well worth your time and money. Over the past several months they’ve been slowly shifting their business over to the space at 302 N. Broadway, and leaving their original location at 123 N. Main behind. There are still a couple of games running at 110 S. Race. 

Their new locale has really opened up some amazing design opportunities for them, and while it’s still a work in progress — they are continuing to work out some plans for larger scale games in the substantial warehouse space they have — what they have going right now looks great. They’ve really upped their game, so to speak.  

The entrance:

FYI: That giant coin can be put in the slot, and you can play a collaborative game of Tetris. 

The Broadway location has an updated version of The Lost Temple, one of their original games, and they have two new games: The Wizard’s Curse and Revenge of the Cabin.

Our SP crew, having tried the original Cabin last year, tried our luck? skill? intellect? at the sequel a couple of weeks ago, and we’re proud to be able to claim victory over the evil, but not without a few hints. 

If you’re up for giving it a shot, you can go here to book your experience. 

Photos by Anna Longworth

Staff writer

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