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The JT Walker’s Horseshoe is the real deal

You’ve seen us write about JT Walker’s in Mahomet — particularly their Sunday Supper that Jess and Pam attended. Today, my friend Tom Pauly and I went over and had a go at their lunch menu before checking things out across the street at their brewery component.

Well, I was very impressed with the JT Walker’s Horseshoe, as I am a big fan of horseshoes in general. Simple food is the best food in many cases, and sourdough with a medium-rare burger patty, topped with fries and queso, was a beast to take down, but well worth it. I’ve had horseshoes that are sprawling and too much to handle — but this one was stacked in a particularly neat fashion, and was manageable. 

Mac & cheese as a side was a bit ambitious of me, but what the hell — who needs a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape? I’ve had a damn good horseshoe at Big Grove, but others need to take notes:

Tom ordered the House Burger — horseradish white cheddar, bacon, beer-battered onion rings, and chipotle ranch, fully dressed. He devoured it, but luckily I snapped a picture before that happened.

Now, it is time to go take a nap and digest.

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