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The City of Champaign is asking residents to “Adopt-a-Drain”

Sounds sexy, doesn’t it. 

It may not be a glamorous task, but it’s one that could go a long way to help reduce all that street flooding that happens when we get a ton of rain. Volunteers, whether individual residents or groups, can sign up to “adopt” a storm drain that they would be responsible for keeping clear of debris and leaves at minimum four times a year and before forecasted rains. 

From the City of Champaign website:

There are more than 12,000 storm drains in Champaign and keeping all the drains clear can be a challenge, especially during heavy spring rains and when the leaves turn in the fall.  Champaign Public Works continuously works to keep City roadways and storm drains free of debris by operating of the City’s as much as possible.  Public Works crews also respond to public service requests to clean out storm drains, and proactively cleans drains in areas traditionally prone to localized flooding prior whenever a storm event is forecast.

Several cities across the country have similar programs including Seattle, Houston, and Nashville. Champaign is the first city in downstate Illinois to implement this program, joining Algonquin, Itasca, and Naperville, where the programs have been very successful.

A bonus? When you sign up and choose your drain you get to name it. Yes, you will have your very own personally named drain in the community. 

If you are up to this task, you can sign up and find more specific information here

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